Foundry history


Despite the high increase in natural gas and electricity prices caused by the war in Ukraine, we tried to implement all planned investments and keep production in full operation.

  • We invested more than 7.5 million CZK in the recovery of waste heat from our main smelter. This heat will be used for the heating of the foundry production hall and workshop.
  • We purchased a new continuous mixer with a capacity of 60 t/h for the manual mould
  • We purchased a modern shotblast machine with internal dimensions of 2500x3500 mm with five shot-blasting wheels, power of each wheel is 30 kW.
  • We have a new bridge scale with a load capacity of up to 60 tons.
  • We cast 14.877 tons in 2022.

Despite the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, we tried very hard to make the planned investments.

  • We bought a new spectrometer
  • We invested in a dry ice shot-blaster to improve working conditions in the fettling shop
  • A new crane track for the core warehouse was acquired
  • New laboratory equipment
  • The onset of the Covid-19 epidemic
  • Slowdown in investment
  • Purchase of two new bridge cranes (machine shop, foundry)
  • Purchase of portal center FRF(Q)
  • Second grinding machine KOYAMA and new crane system
  • 5 axis CNC machine PROFORM on pattern shop
  • Crane for pouring and shaking out on hand moulding
  • Painting line with automatic colour preparing
  • Painting boxes for hand moulding castings
  • Regeneration of furan moulding mixture
  • Shaking grid with maximal weight up to 10 t
  • Crane with maximal weight up to 20 t
  • Reconstruction of skylights at foundry hall
  • New switching station of electricity
  • New 5 axis milling centre Titan for pattern shop
  • UNC loading machine
  • Gantry milling centre FRF (Q) 300
  • horizontal machining equipment MAKINO a81nx
  • 3D scanner ATOS COMPACT SCAN 5M
  • acquisition of warehouse shop in the premises of TOS Kuřim a.s.
  • installation of casting crane with bearing capacity of 12.5 tons
  • acquisition of transport truck weighing 25 tons
  • acquisition of MANITOU 180 ATJ platform reaching up to 17 m
  • acquisition of new blender WÖHR 8-30 toms for production of self-curing mixtures
  • grinding machine KOYAMA 500TT XXL - grinding of castings up to 150 kg
  • Výstavba klimatizované haly strojírny
  • horizontal machining equipment MAKINO a81nx
  • 3D coordinate measuring machine Carl Zeiss Accura (up to weight of 4000 kg)
  • construction of new warehouse and dispatch shop (warehouse for patterns, warehouse for cores, warehouse for raw materials and warehouse for finished products) including handling equipment (cranes 20 t, 10 t and 5 t, MECALUX shelf systems, TOYOTA trucks)
  • construction of new driveway to the premises, including the gatehouse
  • construction of roads inside the company's premises, including fencing
  • replacement of shake-out grid 5x3m at the moulding shop
  • air-conditioning system in foundry plant with recuperative units
  • acquisition of transport truck weighing 25 tons
  • CNC horizontal milling machine WHN 130 MC (TOS Varnsdorf)
  • reconstruction of pneumatic conveyor for sand towards blenders located at manual moulding shop
  • continuous shot-blast machine CARLO BANFI
  • sectional shot-blast machine CARLO BANFI for re-blasting
  • information system OPTI (designed especially for foundries)
  • pneumatic shot-blast cabin SAF
  • new medium-frequency induction furnace ABP 2x6 tons
  • extension of production of COLD-BOX cores
  • core producing machine PRACTICOR HV 35/40 ST 40l
  • CNC milling machine SAHOS SPRINT (2500x1200x320 mm) for production of pattern equipment
  • new blender by WÖHR with performance 8 ton
  • simulation program QUICK CAST
  • manual production of mouldings using self-curing furan mixtures by WÖHR (blender, shake-out grid, regeneration)
  • implementation of COLD BOX core production
  • three-position core-producing machine DISCO (Lüber-Bicor) 80l
  • start of production of nodular cast iron
  • colouring line for castings up to 500 kg
  • semi-automatic forming line „GF“-IMPACT-IMPACT PLUS
  • suspended sectional shot-blast machine TMZO-50/150 ŠKODA
  • low-frequency induction furnace ELIN 2x6 tons

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